Working Hard To Save Your Computing Dollars!
"Working Hard To Save Your Computing Dollars"
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Plan to Build Your Own Cheap Computers

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 So, you have decided to build your own cheap computer. Congratulations! Not everyone has the courage and self-confidence to take the terrifying plunge into the horrid depths of the magic box that sits on the desk. Heh heh. OK, I got carried away. But that is the way some people see a computer.

 In this Guide I have provided helpful links to other pages on this site that will make the process of buying and building your own cheap computers easier. If you find this guide confusing or difficult to use, let me know. By giving your feedback and suggestions, you will help me improve the sites value and ease of use for my visitors.

 In this cheap computer guide, I am going to make assumptions. And we all know the kind of trouble that will get me into. But it is impossible to cover every possible aspect of computer hardware.

So here are some of the assumptions.

  • I am assuming that you are building a PC (Not a Mac).
  • I am assuming that you are building a desktop or tower PC. (Not a Laptop)
  • I am assuming that you are building a windows machine (Not Linux, BeOS, OS2 or some other operating system).

 Info: Why does it matter? Some Operating Systems have different hardware and software driver requirements. Not all Operating Systems are as intuitive as Windows. Also, most "off the shelf" hardware is built to be Windows compatible. In other words, the computer hardware manufactures build their products to meet Microsoft half-way or all the way, because they could see years ago which way the money was blowing. ;-)

The first step to build your own cheap computer.

 The first and most important step is to Plan Your Cheap Computer System. Planning your computer system can save you from under estimating your total cost or buying parts that are not compatible. You can make your plan on plain paper or download your free Cheap Computer Hardware Organizer now from the links below.



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