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How do I decide what cheap computer hardware to buy?

 Now that you have downloaded your free "Cheap Computer Hardware Organizer" you should be ready to go.

What? You don't have your "Cheap Computer Hardware Organizer"?
You can download it for free now. After the download, clicking "Continue" will bring you back here. Hurry we're waiting.

Ready? Let's get started.
We will be using the same process I use when I am building a computer for myself or one of my customers. I first plan the system on paper and then buy the parts. After you have all the parts, you get to do the fun part; building a new computer.

You can decide what hardware you will need by answering these questions:

  • How will this computer be used?
  • What tasks will this computer be expected to perform?
  • Who will be using this computer?
  • How much money do I want to spend?

 By answering these questions accurately you can determine what hardware and software you will need to get the computer up and running quickly without needing to buy more hardware later or getting the wrong hardware. Take your time, think about these questions one at a time and write down the answers. This process can save you a lot of headaches later.

 For example, the system requirements for a computer that will be used for surfing the internet, sending and receiving email and storing family pictures will be quite different form a system that will be used for media graphics and 3D action gaming. So give the system some serious thought.

 Tip: There is no need to buy the latest and greatest parts to build a good computer. Buying last years technology will save you some money and will be upgradeable for a few years.

 If you have answered the previous questions accurately and thoroughly and worked with your free "Cheap Computer Hardware Organizer, you might already know what type of system you want to build and what parts you are going to start with. If so go getem'.

 The rest of this guide follows the Cheap Computer Hardware Organizer and explains some of the ins and outs of hardware compatibility and things to consider when buying a part. I also explain what hardware to buy first and why. This guide is loaded with hardware tips for the newbie and the techie alike.

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