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Buying Cheap Video Cards

Video Card Types

nVidia GeForce Video Cards There are many video card manufacturers, and most of them build a good product. But, there are two video chip manufacturers that have excelled in the development of computer video in the last few years. ATI and nVidia have completely dominated the video market. There are others like SIS, Intel, Matrox, Cirrus Logic and Trident that have had some success in business workstations and low end computers. These lesser known video card makers are losing ground fast to less exspensive models of ATI and nVidia. The nVidia Geforce MX series has become very popular in Dell and Gateway systems.

Video Chip makers like nVidia and ATI often don't build video cards, there primary business is developing and selling video chipsets. Chip makers obviously make some cards for the purpose of testing chipsets, memory and bus design and a few branded cards are sold. The selling of the chipsets on the open market has created a business niche for video card builders. So when you shop for a nVidia GeForce video card you will find many different brand names on GeForce cards. Reading reviews for a particular video card can be very helpful in deciding on the right video card for your computer.

 There are 3 video card interface types in use today. PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) has quickly become antiquated by AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) and most recently PCIE (PCI Express).

ATI Cross Fire Video Cards For many years PCI has been the standard slot for add-in cards. A few years ago Intel developed the AGP slot for faster 3D graphics. Sine then the AGP slot has gone from 1X to 8X acceleration with only small changes to the slot its self.PCI Express is a new type of PCI slot that takes advantage of the faster serial communications system in stead of the old parallel type and is becomming the new standard.

 The latest and greatest is SLI (Scalable Link Interface). SLI is technology from nVidia that allows 2 PCI Express graphics cards in the same computer system to be linked together and is a gamers' dream come true.

 None of these 3 slot types are interchangeable and the card must match your motherboard video slot type. The price of video cards can very from $35.oo to $850.00+. If you're not going to be playing 3D PC games there is no need to lay down the big bucks. You can buy a good video card for around $50.00 dollars.

Speed Tip:

A very affordable way to buy a cheap computer is to upgrade your old computer system by filling your motherboards' RAM slots with as much of the appropriate type of RAM possible. Also add a high quality video card with as much video RAM as you can afford..
The results will amaze you.

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