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 Download Your Computer Harware Organizer

 The Computer Hardware Organizer is a time saver for those “Build Your Own PC” folks that allows you to list and track alternative parts with their individual features. You can compare a component's features and price side by side making it easy to choose the best part for your project. Or it can be used to compare 2 separate projects at once.

 The organizer can be printed out in .pdf format and filled in by hand. If you download the Microsoft .doc or OpenOffice .odt format, the information can be added to the organizer on your computer and then printed for your records. You decide how to use it. It's free so download all versions if you like.

 The Computer Hardware Organizer is available in these formats at this time. These files are a very small downlaod. You may open these documents from these links or download them to your computer.

 Download as OpenOffice .odt  Download as OpenOffice .odt - 22KB

 Download as Adobe .pdf  Download as Adobe .pdf - 112KB

 Download as Microsoft .doc  Download as Microsoft .doc - 70KB

 All three of these documents were created with Suite 2.0.

 If you have questions about downloading, here is a quick tutorial.
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Other Downloads

 Learn More About Suite is a FREE Office Suite that can create, edit and save many document formats including Microsoft Office. Export your documents as Adobe pdf in one step. Learn more about Suite.

 Get Adobe Reader If for some strange reason you still don't have Adobe reader for reading and printing Adobe pdf files, you can get it here.

 Click here to CONTINUE the "Find Computer Hardware Cheap Online" guide.

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