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How to Find Computer Hardware Cheap Online

Comparing Computer Hardware Prices and Retailers

 One of the biggest advantages of shopping online is the ease of comparing prices and retailers. When I search for computer hardware I use Bizrate and Shopzilla. The reason I use these 2 product search sites is because I can find all the information I want in one place.

 These product search sites are an excellent place to start your price hunt. Even if your search does not find the product you are searching for, they will give you great product details and information. And you can compare prices and store ratings in one place.

 You can see what I mean by searching for a product name or the product model of a computer part at Bizrate or Shopzilla. As an example try searching for “video cards” in the Bizrate search box below. Go ahead and try it. I'll wait. (searches open in a new window.)

Search BizRate for

Search Shopzilla for

Are you back? Good.

I will be using Bizrate in the following examples.

  The bar at the top of the product listing shows, "Products Per Page", "Sort By" and "Number of Pages" for this product.

  In the right column of the product listing is the price range found for that product in all stores and how many stores have that product listed.

   Note the compare button to the left. With the compare button you can select several items and compare them side by side for price, features and compatibility.

Bizrate screen

  Clicking on the product listing, the price or the “View Details” button takes you to a listing of stores that have that product. Below is a screen shot of a details page top. Notice that this product has no buyer reviews and offers you to be the first to review this product. Also you can enlarge the image to get a better look at the product. 

Bizrate screen

  The store listing header allows you to sort stores by Name, Rating or Price.

Bizrate screen

Bizrate screenThe store rating box shows a smiley face rating and how many customers have rated this store. Clicking on “Read Reviews” takes you that stores' rating page where you can read reviews and submit your own. The ratings page also shows detailed ratings about this retailer.
The "Notes" box shows information given by the retailer about this item.

  Below is a partial screen shot of a Store Rating Summary box.
(The store name intentionally removed.)

Bizrate screen

 As you can see, Bizrate and Shopzilla make rating retailers and comparing products easy. After a few purchases, you will have a good idea which retailers you can trust to deliver the goods.

 Happy Shopping!


 Now you know how to find the right cheap computer hardware at the right price.
Your next step to buying your cheap computer online is to "Get the Plan".


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