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Windows How To:

Install Windows XP Built-in Fax Service

Hey, wouldn't it be great to send and receive faxes from your Windows XP computer without having to buy expensive software? If you have a fax modem installed or you can have one installed, you can do just that. But you'll need to take a few steps because the fax service is not installed by default.

This is a great idea if you have a home office since the business world seems unable or unwilling to let go of Faxing and move on to E-mail. At least, Faxing with the computer allows you to send the Fax to a printer and eliminates one more ancient office machine.

Here is a tip for you business owners and office managers: I know from personal experience that Faxes can be pulled from the Fax machine unreadable. You can reduce cost by pitching the Fax machine and making a company wide policy change to E-mail only. You will never have to call a customer and ask them to waste their time and resend a fax again.

Here’s what you do:

  • Click 'Start', 'Control Panel', 'Add/Remove programs'. Click 'Add/Remove Windows Components' on the left side.

  • When the window opens, scroll through and make sure the Fax Services box is checked. Click 'Next' and follow the prompts. You will be asked to insert your Windows XP CD. Click 'Finish' when the Wizard is done.

  • Now to configure the service: Click 'Start', 'All Programs', 'Accessories', 'Communications', 'Fax' and finally ... 'Fax Console'.

  • When the Fax Configuration Wizard starts, go through the steps to enter sender information, select the modem you want to use, (probably the only one listed) and choose whether you want to be able to send or receive faxes, or both.

  • Enter the TSID information: Info that appears as a header when you send a Fax and the CSID information that is displayed on the sending fax machine. (The TSID and CSID usually consist of a fax number and business name.)

  • Select whether you want the machine to auto answer or manually answer. If you choose auto answer, specify how many rings before pickup. Also select whether to automatically print faxes or store a copy in a folder. Click 'Finish' on the Summary page of the Wizard.

Done! Now you can send and/or receive faxes! If you want to of course. You can manage your Faxes by clicking 'Start', 'Accessories', 'Communications', 'Fax'.

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